Untitled by Unknown: curating the ‘hidden’ works from the School of Art Collection

‘Untitled by Unknown’ is a student-curated exhibition that uncovers and debates the mysteries behind some of the works from the extensive School of Art Collection at Aberystwyth University.

The exhibited works vary greatly in artistic media and styles and include miniature paintings, prints, watercolours, drawings and photographs. These artefacts span several centuries and also differ in terms of cultures or origins with subjects ranging from Aberystwyth to Algeria.


Some of these works have been shown previously but this is the first exhibition at the School of Art dedicated specifically to the theme of curating and displaying objects of visual culture about which little is known. Assisted by School of Art staff Neil Holland and Dr Harry Heuser, the curators have conducted extensive research into the works on display. Nonetheless, many mysteries are revealed without being solved.

Who dictates the value of cultural artefacts and what qualifies as art? Do works of visual culture require the name of a maker to be considered noteworthy and worthwhile? By asking such questions, the exhibition encourages a challenging of ideas about art and instead of providing definitive answers, invites viewers to create their own narratives.

Untitled by Unknown is open from 19 May until 12 September 2014 in Gallery 3, School of Art, Aberystwyth University.  10am-5pm, Monday to Friday.










IMG_0364 2


This show is part of the module ‘Staging an Exhibition’. Follow the link below to see what students on this module curated last year!





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