Photos from Universities Week 2014

Below are a few photos from our activities for Universities Week 2014. Many thanks to Andrew Baldwin, Jen Loffman and Phil Garratt for delivering these enlightening sessions.

Each talk was accompanied by an enthusiastic audience who challenged the speakers with some great questions. The accompanying exhibition ‘Wood, Down, Farm, Field: Art in the Aftermath’ is still on show until the 1st of August. The exhibition has been curated and hung by museum staff and two student volunteers, Karen Westendorf and Melanie Howard.

Jen Loffman lecturing on Bouverie Hoyton
Jen Loffman introducing the audience to the work of Edward Bouverie Hoyton
Handling Session
A handling session with prints, letters and photographs from the Edward Bouverie Hoyton Archive
inked up and ready to print
‘Old Moffatt’ copper plate (1929) by Edward Bouverie Hoyton – inked up and ready to go through the press
Andrew Baldwin Universities Week 2014
Andrew Baldwin reveals the final print
The finished print
Visitors get a chance to view the final print
Joseph Webb, Anne Hathaway's Cottage
Joseph Webb, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, etching, 1944
Edward Bouverie Hoyton’s copper plates
Graham Sutherland drawing and two etchings (centre three)
Colour woodcuts including Yoshijiro Urushibara’s Stonehenge series
Self Portraits, from left to right, Sparks, Gibbs, Hoyton, Morgan, Holloway and Jones
Holloway and Webb - three different states
Three different states of, left, Edgar Holloway’s ‘Eastcote’ and, right, Joseph Webb’s ‘Oakeywood White Owl’


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