Bodies of Work exhibition on until the 17th February 2017

bodies-of-work-poster_smallGallery 1 & 2

30 November 2016 – 17 February 2017

Representing the work of the careers of individual artists in the School of Art Collection

Prints, drawings and paintings by Bernard Cheese, George Chapman, John Copley, Ethel Gabain, Evelyn Gibbs, Rigby Graham, Derrick Greaves, Chris Penn and Keith Vaughan.

The University has never had the funds to buy expensive single works of art, nor does it see this as its role. Collections representing an individual artist’s career, as American institutions have demonstrated, offer great potential for teaching and research. This has been the primary consideration in acquiring large groups of works by individual artists, resulting in publications, touring exhibitions and frequent use in the day-to-day teaching in the School of Art.

In some instances artists, or their families, have been asked to select the works that they consider significant in their development as artists. Copies of archive material, press reviews, diaries and photographic records of works have also been acquired. Collecting groups of work in this way has enabled us to engage the support of the Victoria & Albert Museum and Art Fund purchase grant schemes, sometimes amounting to 75% of the total costs. It is another example of the museum’s policy to develop collections of national importance that are a valuable resource for future generations of students and scholars.

Admission to the School of Art Gallery is free. It is open Monday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00.


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