‘German Talks’ at the School of Art Gallery

Welcome to the newly established ‘German Talks’ at the School of Art Gallery!

The School of Art has a great collection of works of art (ca. 20,000 artefacts in total). Many of them are shown in free, temporary exhibitions in our two in-house galleries and the Ceramic Gallery at the Arts Centre. New shows open about every eight weeks with a longer interval during the summer holidays. Works by contemporary artists, such as Jane Joseph and Peter Davies, our graduates and loans from other museums and galleries are also often on display.

In this context I had the idea of offering free ‘German Talks’. Being a native German speaker myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to learn another language; I still come across English words that I never heard of after 15 years of living in Britain! I also don’t feel very comfortable with sitting in a classroom and being coaxed into talking whilst I’m still trying to get my head around basic vocabulary and grammar. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one. Hence, the idea of the ‘German Talks’ is to simply offer a relaxed and friendly space in which like-minded people interested in the language can practice what they already know and maybe learn more. No tests, no homework, no pressure.

After a short introduction to the show, given in German, you will have the chance to wander around the gallery, look at the works and talk as much or as little German as you like with fellow attendees. It doesn’t even have to be exhibition- or art-related, with the art works simply offering a starting point for conversation. I will also provide a flyer with terms relating to museums and galleries in general and another one more specific to the exhibition and including some voluntary exercises. These flyers will also be uploaded here on the blog after each session. There will always be new themes and with that different vocabulary. I will of course be on hand, too, to assist in case you can’t find the right words. Whether you are a novice, advanced or native speaker, you’re welcome to take part. However, please be aware that these events will not be professional language classes, but rather another opportunity to practice your German.

All dates will be published here on the blog, facebook, twitter and in the EGO magazine. So keep an eye out, if you would like to attend.

Hope to see you soon and best wishes,


(Technical & Curatorial Assistant)

How to find us: 

School of Art  Aberystwyth University                                                                                       Buarth Mawr                                                                                                                               Aberystwyth                                                                                                                             Ceredigion SY23 1NG


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