Follow-up on the 1. ‘German Talk’, 14th March 2018

Many thanks to those who attended the very first ‘German Talk’ at the School of Art today! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and found the session helpful. It was certainly a pleasure meeting you.

As promised, please find here the dictionary and exercise sheets, which are free to download. However, please be aware that the images are subject to copyright.

I will announce the date for the 2. ‘German Talk’ and the topic of that session as soon as possible.

Best wishes and until next time,

1. German Talk ‘Charles Tunnicliffe’ March 2018

German Talks ‘General Museum Dictionary’ 2018


‘German Talks’ at the School of Art Gallery

Welcome to the newly established ‘German Talks’ at the School of Art Gallery!

The School of Art has a great collection of works of art (ca. 20,000 artefacts in total). Many of them are shown in free, temporary exhibitions in our two in-house galleries and the Ceramic Gallery at the Arts Centre. New shows open about every six weeks with a longer interval during the summer holidays. Works by contemporary artists, such as Jane Joseph and Peter Davies, our graduates and loans from other museums and galleries are also often on display. Continue reading