‘Mae hwn yn rhybudd iaith!’ Veronica Calarco: Arddangosfa PhD ‘This is a language warning!’ Veronica Calarco: PhD Exhibition – now online!

Braak, torlun leino / linocut, 42 x 30cm

Mae’r myfyriwr PhD Veronica Calarco wedi treulio 5 mlynedd yn gwneud gwaith ar gyfer arddangosfa yr ydym wedi’i gosod yn ddiogel.
Ni fwriadwyd erioed i ‘Mae hwn yn rhybudd iaith!/ This is a language warning!’ fod yn wefan, ond am nawr gallwch weld ei gwaith yma: https://www.aberunidegreeshow.com/veronica-calarco-phd

PhD student Veronica Calarco has spent 5 years making work for an exhibition which we have installed safely.
‘Mae hwn yn rhybudd iaith! / This is a language warning!’ was never intended to be a website, but for now you can see her work here: https://www.aberunidegreeshow.com/veronica-calarco-phd

‘Mae hwn yn rhybudd iaith!’ Veronica Calarco: Arddangosfa PhD ‘This is a language warning!’ Veronica Calarco: PhD Exhibition School of Art, January – March 2021

Mae gwaith Veronica Calarco yn delweddu un o ieithoedd Awstralia sydd mewn perygl, Kurnai, mewn perthynas â iaith leiafrifol, Cymraeg, a ddefnyddir ganddi i ddisodli’r iaith gryfaf, Saesneg, sef yr iaith y mae’r ddwy arall yn rhyngweithio â hi.  

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Postgraduate Show & ‘Diversity: Innovation – International Innovative Printmaking’- Exhbition – Official Opening 14/09/2019 – Photos

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Postgraduate Exhibition September 2019 – Photos

The exhibition is already open (Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm), but the ‘official opening’ is Saturday, 14th September, 4pm – 6pm, together with the Diversity: Innovation – Internation Innovative Pritmaking – exhibiton. All welcome.

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Exhibition Openings, 18 May 2019 – Some Impressions

Saturday was a busy day, and students and their families and friends, staff and other visitors certainly enjoyed themselves. Below are some impressions of the day.

Well done, everybody!

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The degree show and postgraduate exhibition are still open until the 30th May, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm. The Classic/Romantic exhibition, which is curated by 2nd- and 3rd-year students and includes objects of the School of Art collections, is open until the 30th August.

Degree Show & Postgraduate Exhibition Opening, 18th May 2019

The opening of the Degree Show & Postgraduate Exhibition at the School of Art, Aberystwyth University, will be on Saturday, 18th May 2019, from 3pm until 6pm.

The show will then be open from the 20th May until the 30th May 2019, Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm .

All welcome.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Have a look at the exhibition catalogue: Degree Show Catalogue 2019







Holden Holcombe’s ‘This Is How It Feels’ – PhD exhibition, School of Art, 22/11/2018 – 08/02/2019

HOLDENH_webThis Is How It Feels explores the intimate stories of eighteen transgender men and their journeys of transition from female-to-male. Holcombe uses new media art techniques, including augmented reality, to give audience members a glimpse of the FTM transgender experience through their own perspective. The exhibition features manipulated QR (quick-response) codes that explore the relationship between the lived experiences of the transgender man and the fabricated world of social media. These codes, in turn, ask audience members to participate in a new context of social media, both inside and out of the gallery space.

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Postgraduate Show September 2018 – Some Impressions

Our Postgrads have worked hard to create this exhibition and they can be proud of what they have achieved. Here are some impressions of the show and the private view, which was on Saturday, 19th September.

The show is still open Monday, 24th & Tuesday, 25th, 10am-5pm, and Wednesday, 26th September, 10am-3pm. You’re very welcome to visit and explore the postgraduate show and the Sea Change & Discourse: Reynolds to Rego exhibitions in our public galleries! The latter are still on until Friday, 28th, 10am-5pm daily.

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