24. German Talk: ‘Crying, Bleeding, Kicking, Screaming – Prints by Marcelle Hanselaar’, 21. June 2023, School of Art

Hello, dear German Talkers,

the next ‘German Talk’ will be about the work of contemporary artist Marcelle Hanselaar.

Date: 21st June 2023

Time: 17:30

Place: School of Art, Tessa Sidey Gallery

Please be aware that this exhibition includes sensitive topics such as war, torture and sexual violence.

All the best wishes and bis bald,


23. ‘German Talk’ Follow-up

Hello dear German Talkers,

thank you everyone who made it to the talk yesterday. I hope you enjoyed Ceri Richards’s work and Debussy’s music.

For those who couldn’t make it, please find below the (almost) verbatim text. I’m afraid I can’t include any images due to copyright issues. However, you can find many examples on the Art UK website, which I included at the end of the text. You will also find links to the pieces by Debussy that we listened to last night.

I’m not quite sure yet when the next talk will be, but I’m aiming for sometime in June, probably towards the end of the month. I’ll let you know as soon as possible, of course.

All the best wishes and frohe Ostern,


23. ‘German Talk’: Ceri Richards and the music in his works – School of Art, 29th March 2023

Hello, dear German Talkers, 

I have just started putting the next German Talk together:  

Date: Wednesday, 29th March 2023

Time: 17:30 

Where: School of Art, room 206 (next to the Tessa Sidey Gallery)

Topic: Ceri Richards und die Musik in seinen Werken

I will give a brief PowerPoint presentation, and some of Richards’s prints from our collection will be on display in room 206 as well. You will also have the opportunity to see our current exhibitions ‘Asphalt Expressionism’ and ‘At Cross Purposes’

I’m looking forward to seeing you! 

All the best wishes und bis bald, 


22. ‘German Talk’: Follow-up

Hello, dear German Talkers,

I hope those of you who could make it yesterday enjoyed Paul Croft’s demonstration in the printmaking area and the exhibition.

Below, you find the verbatim version of the talk for you to download free of charge.

Please be aware, as usual, that all images might be under copyright and cannot be used for any other purpose without the copyright holders permission.

I am planning another ‘German Talk’ before Easter and will let you know the new date and topic as soon as possible, so watch this space.

All the best wishes, und vielleicht bis bald,


Curatorial & Technical Assistant

22. ‘German Talk’: ‘Collaboration in Practice – British Lithography 1800-2022, School of Art Galleries, 25th January 2023

Hello dear ‘German Talkers’,

I hope you are all enjoying the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and are keeping warm during these frosty late-autumn days.

The first ‘German Talk’ of 2023 will be on Wednesday, 25th January, at 5.30pm.

In addition to my usual introduction talk, Paul Croft – printmaker, lecturer at the School of Art and curator of this exhibition – has very kindly offered to give a demonstration (in English) in the printmaking area of the school. This will give you a greater insight into how a lithograph is actually created.

Have a lovely Christmas and a good start into 2023!

All the best wishes, und hoffentlich bis bald,



21. German Talk – Follow-up ‘The Derbyshire Collection’

Hello German Talkers,

It was great seeing some of you yesterday, and I hope you enjoyed the talk and looking at some of the works from the Derbyshire Collection. For those who couldn’t make it, you can find the text to download and print free of charge below. Unfortunately, I can’t include any images, as most of them are under copyright and, while I was allowed to show them during the talk in a presentation, I am not permitted to publish them online (Please do not reuse/duplicate the cover image Janet in the PDF for any purpose.). However, if you would like to have a look at some paintings from that collection in our care, you can find them on the Art UK website: https://artuk.org

The paintings that were shown during the talk and are currently on display in one of our seminar rooms are:

Christopher Hall

Ashford Hill, Hampshire

Brindley Road, Paddington, London

Capo di Rio, Italy

The Beach at Marzocca, Italy

Wakefield Street, Bloomsbury, London

Edward le Bas

Band in Hyde Park

Edward Middleditch

Still Life, Blossoms

Ernest Perry


Frederick Mcdonald

Two Figures with a Machine

Fred Uhlman

New York

Hugh Verschoyle Croynyn


James Boswell

Shoreham Beach

Jean Young

Feeding the Pigeons

John Ridgewell

Buildings and River

Lionel Bulmer

The Greengrocer

Nan Youngman

Landscape in South Wales

Peter Sheldon-Williams

El Cid at Peñiscola

Ralph Allen


Reginald Henson

The Fishmongers

Thomas Swimmer

Ruined Church, Casares, Spain

Night Fishing Lamps

Louis James

Still Life

Alan Price

Flower Market, Paris, France

You can search for the artist, the title of the image, or just enter ‘Aberystwyth University’ to find works from our collection on the Art UK website.

You can download the PDF with yesterday’s (almost) verbatim talk here:

I will publish the date for the next talk as soon as possible. It will probably be at the end of January.

All the best wishes, und vielleicht bis bald,


21. German Talk – School of Art – 16th November 2022, 5.30pm

Cronyn, Hugh Verschoyle; Janet; Aberystwyth University School of Art Museum and Galleries http://www.artuk.org/artworks/janet-60689

Dear German Talkers,

I hope you are all doing well.

Please find below the flyer for the next German Talk. This time, it will not be in one of our galleries, but in room 206. It is the seminar room next to our small gallery, just down the corridor on the left when you come through the main door.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

All the best wishes,


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20. German Talk – Follow-up

Hello German Talkers,

thank you very much to those of you who made it to the first in-person German Talk since pre-pandemic times. I hope you enjoyed Angus McBean’s wonderful works.

As always, please find below the PDF with the (almost) verbatim version of the talk. You can download and print it free of charge, but please be aware that all images are subject to copyright.

I’m planning to do another German Talk before the end of the year and will publish the date on this website in due time.

All the best wishes, und hoffentlich bis bald,


20. ‘German Talk’ – Make/Believe: Photography of/by Angus McBean, School of Art, 7th September 2022

Dear German Talkers, 

I hope you are all doing well. 

I am very happy to announce that I will be hosting the first in-person German Talk since March 2020 on the 7th September at 5.30pm! I hope you are as excited as me and will be able to make it. 

I will be talking about the life and work of Welsh photographer Angus McBean (1904-1990). Our undergraduates have been putting the exhibition together as part of their module ‘Creating an Exhibition: Researching, Interpreting and Displaying’, and, if you are at all interested in photography and/or the glittery world of mid-20th century film, dance, music and theatre, then this one is definitely for you. 

Bis bald? 

All the best wishes,


19. (digital) German Talk – Eileen Harrisson: ‘A Sorrowful Healing’

Dear German Talkers,

I hope you are all doing well.

This talk is about Eileen Harrisson’s PhD-exhibition A Sorrowful Healing, which is currently on at the School of Art Gallery until the 11th March.

You can simply click on the below video to watch and listen. The PDF contains the verbatim text of the voice-over, including some vocabulary.

Please be aware that this exhibition is about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, so the talk contains images, sounds and descriptions of events that you might find upsetting.

Feel free to download the PDF for your own private usage, but please be aware that all texts, sounds and images on the document and in the presentation are under copyright.

If you would like to visit the exhibition, please book your free ticket here in advance: soaexhibition.eventbrite.co.uk

The School of Art Gallery is open Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm.

All the best wishes,


You can adjust the quality of the video by clicking on ‘AUTO’ in the lower right corner and choose the highest pixel option.