Year of Legends 2017

Welsh Dragon

2017 is the ‘Year of Legends’ in Wales, and we delved deeply into our collection to see what treasures relating to this fabulous theme might come to light. We selected a few, some of which will be included in a small display at the School of Art; others will only be viewable online. This is an on-going project and from time to time we might add to this post, so keep an eye out for updates.

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Karen’s Cabinet of Curiosities May 2017

DSC06587Curiosity: Tiger head and forepaws in glass case

Date: 1903 (shot)

Origin: Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India

Maker: J. Hutchings, Naturalist and Gunmaker, Aberystwyth

Measurements (case): 71x41x79cm

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International Women’s Day 08th March 2017


Women Artists and the RA – “A somewhat chequered History”   

These days we take it for granted that women artists are members of the Royal Academy of Arts, attend and teach at the RA Schools and/or exhibit at the annual Summer Exhibition. But this was not always the case. This brief introduction, and the following short biographies, will give you a quick overview of the changes the RA underwent before it allowed both male and female artist to take advantage of all the facilities and courses it has on offer.

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Karen’s Cabinet of Curiosities February 2017

slides_diana_1Curiosity: Porcelain land-mine

Title: Landmine (Princess Diana)

Created: 1997

Artist: Conrad Atkinson, N.D.D., A.T.D., RA’s (Hons.), Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis, (born 1940, Cleator Moor, West Cumbria)

Measurements: 230mm high, 140mm diameter

Not all curiosities intended for my cabinet come from the storage area next to the Reading Room or are as pleasant to look at as last month’s Eragny Press book. This startling object is on display at the Ceramics Gallery that is part of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Ever since I had seen it for the first time, it had baffled me, and I decided that one day I would find out about its meaning. Well, the day has come now, and its history is quite an interesting one. Continue reading

Karen’s Cabinet of Curiosities January 2017

Curiosity: Book  jk_belledame_2

Title: La Belle Dame sans Merci (1819)

Author: John Keats

Publisher: The Eragny Press, The Brook, Hammersmith

(Lucien Pissarro and his wife Esther established the private press in 1894.)

Date of Publication: 1906

Measurements: 80 x 110mm

Limited edition: 200 copies on paper and 10 copies on vellum

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