Rigby Graham: Recording far-flung places, encapsulating time, flinging oranges.

By Heather Beales

Figure 9
Figure 9. Rigby Graham, ‘Balloon Race’, colour woodcut on white wove paper, 44.5x53cm, 1990. Image courtesy of Goldmark Gallery

Rigby Graham was an artist who worked within the British landscape tradition and enjoyed provoking the offence of traditionalists with his unusual juxtapositions, use of bold colour and materials. He was extremely prolific and produced a great many books and artworks in various types of printmaking, painting, illustration and stained glass. The School of Art Museum and Galleries owns a large collection of his prints, and a few of his drawings and watercolours. In 1987 John Piper admired Graham for his “unusual and indeed enviable capacity to make romantic and dramatic images out of ‘simple’ scenes – sometimes almost totally deserted ones”, (Ayad). Graham was interested in places that had history and had deteriorated with time, and many of his images are of castles, old churches and ruined monuments – and also of a shipwreck. Continue reading

‘Travelling Through: Landscapes/Landmarks/Legacies’, School of Art Gallery, 12/10/2018 – 8/2/2019

‘Platform Two’, Steve Whitehead, 1985, oil and alkyd on canvas

Drawn from the School of Art’s extensive collection, Travelling Through traverses five centuries of visual culture ranging from sublime and picturesque landscapes to nineteenth-century travel photographs, twentieth-century London Underground posters and contemporary responses to our environment in a variety of media.

The exhibition, curated by Dr Harry Heuser, explores relationships between tourism and landscape art, between the consumption of signposted sights and the production of personal insights, between the fleeting experience of our journeys and the carbon footprint we leave behind.



Alternative Facts: Interpreting Works from the School of Art Collection: 22 May to 29 September 2017 at the School of Art Gallery, Aberystwyth University

AltFactsPoster_web_mailThe phrase ‘alternative facts’ is a recent addition to our vocabulary.  It has come to prominence in a political climate in which views and actions are shaped more by emotions than by reliable intelligence.  Reflecting this shift, Oxford Dictionaries declared ‘post-truth’ to be Word of the Year 2016.  And yet, alternative facts are as old as language itself. Continue reading

Degree Show and Alternative Facts Exhibition Opening, Saturday, 20 May 2017

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‘Claude and Views of the Picturesque in Great Britain’

This link leads to Nicole Elaine Wade’s website which was the result of her MA research project back in 2015. ‘Views of the Picturesque’ aims to provide a selective interpretation of late eighteenth century landscape prints within the Aberystwyth University School of Art Gallery and Museum Collection.

Claude and Views of the Picturesque in Great Britain


Landscape With A Goatherd, Richard Earlom after a drawing by Claude Lorrain, 1774

Universities Week 2014 at the School of Art Gallery and Museum

The School of Art Gallery and Museum is hosting a number of public events in conjunction with Universities Week 2014, June 9th-15th. An exhibition, a lecture, a gallery talk and a print demonstration will all provide  insight into current research on the University’s important collection of prints from the inter-war period.

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Untitled by Unknown: curating the ‘hidden’ works from the School of Art Collection 19 May to 12 September 2014

Untitled by Unknown—Poster copy.jpgUntitled by Unknown was a student-curated exhibition that engaged – and encouraged engagement – with some of the lesser-known works from the extensive School of Art Collection at Aberystwyth University.

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Erich Retzlaff Donation


Bettina Retzlaff Cumming Gift 2
© Estate of Erich Retzlaff


Christopher Webster van Tonder’s ongoing research into the life and work of the German photographer Erich Retzlaff (1899-1993) has attracted an important donation to the School of Art Gallery and Museum. In March 2013 a collection of 38 vintage Erich Retzlaff prints was generously given by the photographer’s daughter, Bettina Retzlaff-Cumming. This donation will hereafter be known as the Bettina Retzlaff-Cumming Bequest.



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John Addyman – whose line is it anyway?

John Addyman and Annie Williams exhibitions at the School Of Art, Aberystwyth – last days to view 25th-28th of March 2013

Addyman exhibition

Born in Wallasey and moved to Wales at age 10, John Addyman was an artist whose work analysed and recorded the structure of landscape and its context. His favourite medium was watercolour, but he was adept in many other media, notably ceramic.


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