Follow-up 5. German Talk

Hello all,

it was great seeing you yesterday, and I hope you enjoyed the little ‘pop-up’- exhibition. While I was giving the presentation, I actually noticed some mistakes that I had made in the text. I hope I found them all now. Below, you find the corrected version.

As this talk was different from the usual format, I also include some photos; some of those who couldn’t attend last night were curious about what would be on show. Apologies for the bad quality of the images; considering that I work at the School of Art, I should’ve borrowed a proper camera rather than make do with my inadequate mobile phone….

The next talk will be on the 7th of November and in connection with one of the forthcoming exhibitions in our galleries. I’ll publish more information closer to the time in the usual places.

I always hesitate to take personal data of people, but if you would like to receive emails about future ‘German Talks’ (and ‘French Talks’, if you like), you’re very welcome to email me your email address on and I’ll keep you updated.

Best wishes, und bis bald,


5. German Talk – Powell and German Culture – September 2018

(Click on images to enlarge them.)


5. German Talk, 19th September 2018, School of Art

Powell and German Culture StencilWhen: 19th September 2018

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Where: School of Art, room 206

Topic: ‘Powell & German Culture’

For more information about the German Talks and how to find us:

5. German Talk Powell and German Culture September 2018

Follow-up 4. ‘German Talk’


thanks to all who attended last night’s ‘German Talk’. I hope you had a good time exploring the exhibition(s), enjoying a cuppa and practising your German with fellow attendees.

As usual, please find attached a copy of the introduction talk, some exercises and a glossary. Although you are very welcome to download and print off the sheets for educational/non-commercial purposes, please be aware that especially images might be subject to copyright and should not be distributed further without gaining permission first.

4. German Talk August 2018

I will publish the date for the next talk as soon as possible in the usual places and hope to see you all again on the day.

Best wishes,

4. German Talk at the School of Art Gallery: Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 5pm


DISCOURSE: Reynolds to Rego

(250 years of prints by Royal Academicians, from the School of Art Collections)

Time: 5pm – 6pm

Theme: Women at the Royal Academy

For general information about the ‘German Talks’, please have a look at previous blog posts under ‘Exhibitions’/ ‘Talks’/’German Talks’.

4. German Talk Flyer August 2018

Follow-up ‘3. German Talk’

Hello all,

it was again a pleasure to see you all on Wednesday and I hope you enjoyed yourselves during the talk and the look around the exhibition/s.

As usual, you’ll find here a PDF copy of the text, exercises and vocabulary free to download for all (as always, please respect copyrights):

3. German Talk June 2018

I will publish the date for the next talk asap and am looking forward to seeing you again next time. Until then, enjoy the summer sun!

Best wishes,


Follow-up on the 2. ‘German Talk’ 2nd May 2018

Hello all,

thank you very much for attending last night. I hope you had a good time. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you.

Here you find last yesterday’s dictionary and exercise sheets to download and print off for free. As usual, please be aware that any images used may be subject to copyright.

2. German Talk Intro and Dictionary May 2018

2. German Talk Exercise Sheets May 2018

The next talk will be at the end of June and about all sorts of things relating to seaside holidays. The exact date and time will be published here and in the other usual places as soon as possible.

All the best wishes und bis bald,