New Course for 2014 – Images with a Strong Message

Philip Hagreen
“It’s not you I’m fighting for”, Philip Hagreen, c.1916-18, Collection of the School of Art Gallery and Museum.

Following on from last year’s successful art history course Now, I Like That! , the School of Art Gallery and Museum will host another new course for lifelong learners this autumn.

Images with a Strong Message will provide an opportunity to explore the power of art to communicate messages to the public at large, be they messages of horror, disgust, belonging, order, humour, faith, hope or love. A series of case studies will focus on a selection of well-known artworks from the 16th century to the present. The study of Psychology will be central to these investigations enabling a greater understanding of how images communicate and effect individual, and group, responses. The importance of an artist’s individual psychological perspective will also be explored as will the collective power of regimes and governments to appropriate art for propaganda.

The course will be taught by Phil Garratt of the School of Art with contributions from Lifelong Learning Psychology tutor, Meryl Buchanan. There will also be opportunities to view and discuss paintings, photographs and prints from the Collection of the School of Art Gallery and Museum.

Dechrau/Start Date: 22.10.14

Dydd Mercher/Wednesday, 1.30pm-4.00pm

All Dates: 22/10, 5/11, 19/11, 26/11, 10/12, 07/01, 21/01, 04/02

Course Code:    CA108

Ffi / Fee £100  (£80 Gostyngol / Concessions (Early Booking))

Cynllun Hepgor Ffioedd ar gael ar y cwrs yma/Fee Waiver Scheme Available on this course.

01970 621580 :

Coffee break, Now I Like THat
Class coffee break and chat in the School of Art Gallery

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