‘Picture a Dog’ – Exhibition at the School of Art Galleries, 19th July – 29th August 2021

Dogs have been our companions for millennia.

It is thus no surprise that they have also been present in art for thousands of years.

This exhibition includes prints, photographs, drawings, paintings, ceramics and digital illustrations from the 18th to the 21st century taken from the School of Art collections, and loaned from the National Library of Wales, artists and private collections.

On display are works by artists such as William Hogarth and Linley Sambourne, who employed dogs in satire and caricature; Herbert Thomas Dicksee and Sir Edwin Landseer, who created more sentimental images of our four-legged friends; and pieces from contemporary photographers and printmakers such as Steve Bailey and Samantha Boulanger whose dogs have become their muses.

To pre-book and for Covid-19 information, please click here:



Picture your Pooch

Would you like to see a picture of your pooch in this gallery, too? If so, please email us a photo, his/her name, age and hobbies to: kaw25@aber.ac.uk. We will also create a ‘Picture your Pooch’-gallery in the entrance area of the exhibition. We won’t use your image for any other purpose.

(Click on the images to enlarge them and to find out more about each pooch.)

Welcome to ‘Picture a Dog’ – in Victorian Times

This video presentation is part of the exhibition, but we are including it here as well, so that you can enjoy it in full at your leisure. It is about 25 minutes long.


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