At Cross Purposes – 14 February-21 April 2023, School of Art, Gallery 1 & 2

At Cross Purposes is a creative curatorial project supported by 56 Group Wales that has led to the production of new work and new partnerships, a touring exhibition and accompanying book. The title of the project reflects its mix of conversation, creative practice and curation. The project required that sixteen members of 56 Group Wales each be partnered with an invited artist from elsewhere in the UK and Ireland selected by the project director, Dr Frances Woodley. Each pair of artists were then invited to engage with her in a three-way conversation/correspondence using email. Thirty-two artists and a curator have thus been involved in this project, an ambitious enterprise that has required lively exchanges and considerable commitment during the difficult period that spanned the Covid-19 lockdowns when artists were often confined to their makeshift studios.

The exhibition, At Cross Purposes, accompanies the launch of At Cross Purposes: 3-way conversations between two artists and a curator a book edited by Dr Frances Woodley.

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